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Website Analysis

A website needs to deliver. For a visitor, the site has to offer what they seek. For the owner, it must provide results. When that doesn't happen there's something wrong. But you can fix a broken website. A website analysis examines all aspects of a site to determine problem areas, fixes, and missed opportunities.

Web Content Audit

Clients often overestimates the content they have on hand when a project begins. Then, when it's time to replace all that "lorem ipsum" with real words, the developer is handed a brochure and a newspaper clipping — a few paragraphs to stretch into as many pages. A web content audit determines how much material you really have, what should be re-written, and what new site content needs to be prepared.

Site Architecture

Visitors find what they're looking for on a site that works. But people look for different things. How do you know what they want? How can you be sure they'll find it? Information architecture reveals what content you need in order to satisfy every visitor, and how to structure your website so they can find it.

Content Strategy

Your website is an investment, but not all web content has equal value. Content strategy helps increase your yield by pinpointing opportunities to combine long-lasting effectiveness with low maintenance. It's also a way to reach prospects you otherwise might not find.

Web Content Writing

People read differently online, and every aspect of writing is affected. Organization, sentence length and punctuation are only a few of the factors that need to meet new standards — a computer screen is simply not a book. A web content writer understands this and turns it to the site's advantage.

Editing for the Internet

Sometimes a website is packed with useful information, but still needs editing. Maybe the site content was prepared for a magazine or brochure and needs to be rewritten for the web. Perhaps English was not the writer's native language. Whatever the case, Fofex can turn it into standard English, correctly written for the web.

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