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I founded Fofex in 1999; within a year there were three employees. In 2004 Fofex merged with a graphic design firm to form Alyption Media Group, and I left in 2007 to devote my time to writing. I recently finished my first novel and am working on the next.

My skill in information architecture dates from 1984, when I began designing commercial software. As a systems analyst, my forte was user interface and data design — the software equivalents of information architecture for websites.

Beginning in 1997, I maintained the website for Fidex Americas, a source code escrow company. Based on web content strategy alone, I kept their site on the first page of Google results for five years, until the company was sold in 2003. The content strategy I developed then still works.

Now I've returned to website development, focusing on what I enjoy most and do best — content design. I'm fascinated with the social, cultural, and psychological changes the Internet has brought about. A new type of communication is taking form. These are exciting times.

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Ice on Oden Bay

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